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There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity. - Dr. Samuel Johnson

As a Fort Collins resident since 1995, Cyrus has the working knowledge of the area and experience as a residential real estate investor to provide guidance based on personal experience with a tireless commitment to customer service. Cyrus comes to us from the restaurant industry where he worked as a chef at the Fort Collins Country Club and Nico's Catacombs, now known as Sonny Lubick Steakhouse. Learning to multitask and utilize interpersonal skills in that industry has proved to be invaluable in his real estate business. 

Since 2005 Cyrus has been successfully representing buyers and sellers with exemplary reviews from both clients and colleagues in the industry. Many have referred him to family after working with him, while some investor clients have been repeat customers for over a dozen transactions. He's worked for attorneys, engineers, teachers, artists, musicians, medical industry professionals, law enforcement and military personnel, and even other Realtors. He is committed to being available to his clients, and is creative when it comes to finding solutions to the many challenges in the local real estate market.

Cyrus is also a dedicated father of an 8 year old and loving husband for 15 years, who enjoys family time and the great outdoors year round. Mountain biking, snowboarding and making music with his daughter are how he likes to spend his few off hours.



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